Almost, 42 Gay-Lesbian weddings have taken place across the country through the Arranged Gay Marriage Bureau. Arranged Gay Marriage Bureau operates from Hyderabad and more than 1500 people have registered on the site for same-sex relationship.
Urvi Shah
Urvi Shah
Urvi Shah, a 23-year-old felt the need of having an arranged marriage bureau for Homosexuals in India because, we are still a country that values the culture and tradition of arrange marriage. She said that people believe in arrange marriage as it gives them the option of a long-term partner.

Urvi Shah

Urvi said that though there are personalized dating apps for Gay, it is not preferred by many as it is all about casual sex and one-night stands and it does not work for serious commitments and that’s why a marriage bureau is preferred for Gay weddings.

Gay Marriage Bureau in India

The couples who are now together because of the Arranged Gay Marriage Bureau believe that Gay-Lesbian weddings will become legal someday and until then it would be the ceremony that bounds them together. Urvi has a lot of support from the homosexuals but her own family has been hostile to her because of the business line she chose. Urvi entered the field of Homosexual wedding bureau after her final thesis on Gay relationships in India.



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