It is the first time in history that Poland have made their first gay television commercial. The advertisement of Durex shows three couples, two heterosexual couple and one homosexual couple. The couples are shown to be intimate with each other before reaching for a condom.
The gay couple in the advertisement was played by David Mycek and Jakub Kwiecinski. They are popular stars and famous LGBTQ+ activists of Poland. This advertisement is marked as a historic moment for queer representation in Poland. This condom commercial will be aired in all television channels in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Lithuania.
David and Jakub went viral on social media after protesting Poland’s ‘LGBT Free Zones’ with rainbow face masks. David Mycek and Jakub Kwiencinski have staged over 100 wedding proposals across the country to protest the treatment of LGBT+ people. The couple got married n 2017. In the video, they ask strangers to film a surprise public proposal. The reactions in the video are mixed – most, however, are positive.


Watch the proposal video here!

The duo distributed 300 face masks to protect the citizens from the pandemic and also raised awareness for LGBTQ+ rights in the country. Jakub and his husband got married in Portugal. They have received an overwhelmingly positive reaction for their activism, but have also been subjected to homophobic abuse for promoting a “homosexual plague.”
Jakub said, “We thought that if we are dealing right now with a real plague, we could help protect people from this plague and do something good.” In an Instagram post, Jakub acknowledged Poland’s status as “the most homophobic country of the European Union” and hit out at homophobes with a photo of him and his husband kissing on the beach. He wrote, “We still believe that love conquers all and we dedicate this juicy kiss to all homophobes in our country!”

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