The art of blue pottery started to fade in the early 1950’s. The art’s value was not known to much as it required one’s own efforts to lean the technique. Blue pottery is an intricate art – moulding the pots and making the brush to paint needs one’s time and focus with at most care.
Blue art pottery
Girdhari and Shardha, a couple from Jaipur owns their family business – Aditya Blue Art and enhances the art. Girdhari said that when the art was dying, various programmes were held to keep it alive and his father took part in one such programme and learnt the art of blue pottery. His father soon taught everyone in the family and split his work load to maintain the deadlines of the orders by customers. Girdhari said he was 22-years-old when he thought that if the art had to survive, he had to think outside the perspective of a family business. He took charge and set up a factory near his house in Jaipur and taught the people from his community about the various process of the art form.
Art of Blue pottery
Gridhari said that his wife Shardha’s involvement as an active participant in the business helped them succeed. Shardha does not come from a business family and it was all new to her. When she helped her husband Girdhari to expand his business, the Aditya Blue art had more than 50 employees. The business of the blue pottery grew when the couple expanded their business through amazon. They said that online reviews on Amazon gives them the idea of the customer needs and quality and usage of the product.


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