Ian McKellen, an English actor who is known for his theatre performances of Shakespearen and modern plays, made his sexual orientation known to his fellow actors at an earlier stage  of his career. But, it was not until 1988 he came out in the open announcing it on a public radio programme.

Ian McKellen
Ian McKellen

McKellen in a recent interview said,  “It’s the greatest regret of my life that I didn’t tell my parents. I knew I was gay as early as when I was 12-years-old but I never spoke to them about this.”

McKellen said that he feels sorry for the Hollywood actors who are still in the closet. He stated that these actors would be happier if they came out instead of acting a life that is lie. He asked, “How can being successful as an actor be compensation for that?”

Ian McKellen

McKellen, in his interview read out a message for the closeted actors: “Come out, and your career will carry on as it would have. It’s perfectly possible now to be openly gay and not be stuck playing only a gay part.”


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