Komban – the Indian craft beer made using the Palakaddan matta rice has become very popular in UK. The traditional red rice of Kerala comes with its own fame as the Indian craft beer is made using them.
Vivek Pillai, who hails from Ernakulam, launched Komban in 2016 in London. Vivek owns a South Indian restaurant in UK. Vivek said that his customers were Englishmen and they preferred an authentic alcoholic beverage with their meals. He said that his customers would inquire if he served any alcoholic beverage from Kerala.
Indian Craft Beer
He wanted to fulfil his customer’s request by making something that was originally from Kerala. He was not sure if the recipe of the craft beer would work and after a series of discussion with his team, they landed on to make Komban using the Palakaddan Matta rice. Vivek was an investment banker before he started his own business.
To get his Indian craft beer to run as a business in UK, Vivek had to toil to get permission as UK has strict rules and guidelines. When he started serving Komban in his restaurant, it became a huge hit and gradually he started supplying it to other Indian restaurants in London. Vivek hopes to introduce Komban in India next year and is planning a big launch for his dream project.


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