Of all the memes in 2019, Baby Yoda has won the maximum hearts. A petition demanding an emoji of the start war character Baby Yoda has been signed by 32,000 people. The petition was started in USA by Trav B Ryan on the change.org appealing the Apple.Inc to introduce the Baby Yoda emoji. Baby Yoda became internet sensation after his meme went viral on social media. The demand for Baby Yoda Toy has increased and the payment made to the manufacturing company is $300 and more.
Baby Yoda Emoji
The petitioner has till now got 32,000 people. Ryan said that t the character has stolen hearts and deserved place in the keyboards. On the petition he wrote, “Join this movement and let the voice be heard, We Want Baby Yoda Emoji.”
Ryan has shared a list of five situations where the users can use the Baby Yoda emoji. The five pointers are:
  1. Feeling cute? Take a selfie and caption it with Baby Yoda– the cutest thing on the planet.
  2. You’re thirsty and you need a drink from downstairs but you’re way too lazy to get up? Text hubby with your drink request and top it off with a puppy eyed Baby Yoda! Who can say “no” to that face?
  3. Trying to figure out how to ask your crush out on a date? Text her “Hey, let’s catch a movie” with an adorable Baby Yoda.
  4. Want to go out for drinks with your friends after work? Send a Baby Yoda reaching for a drink to the group chat.
  5. Instead of replying to someone that you are in bed, you can reply with a Baby Yoda snuggled in a floating space pod.
Violette Shearer, one of those who have signed the petition, mentioned the reason for supporting the cause as “Baby Yoda brings happiness to everyone no matter who they are.”


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