The Samsung Galaxy Fold is certainly the interesting phone of 2019. It is one of the most expensive phones in the market. Samsung Electronic’s President Young Sohn announced that 10,00,000 units of the Galaxy Fold have been sold around the globe already.
Samsung Galaxy Fold
When Galaxy Fold first came out in 2019 in San Francisco there was a lot of concerns about the durability of the phone. The phones started to break after 2 days of use and Samsung stopped sale. After 6 months of re-engineering the device, Samsung released the current model after fixing the issue of durability.
Galaxy Fold was on the bad light of media after the phone started to break, but it is surprising to see that 10,00,000 units has been sold. This number might not seem big comparing to Samsung sales per quarter but the cost of the phone is Rs. 1,65,000.  According to reports, Galaxy Fold has been launching in all regions through phases.
Samsung Galaxy Fold


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