LGBTQ+ inclusive HR policy in Indian MNC

Saradha Natarajan

Tata steel recently announced the Queer inclusive HR policy. The Tata group of Companies have been trying to maintain equality without any gender discrimination. The Tata Consultancy Services already owns an LGBTQ friendly policy to prevent sexual harassment at work place. The Tata Steel, by providing equal opportunity enabled its employees of the queer community to declare their partners and avail HR benefits permissible under the law.
Tata Steel employees and their partners can avail the benefits of medical facilities, health check-ups, and adoption leave for same sex partners. The policy also gives the employees the financial assistance and a month’s special leave to undergo sex reassignment surgery.
TATA HR policy
The new HR policy also allows the employees to participate in corporate events and official gatherings. Earlier only cis gender heterosexual couples only were included under the policy.  In a statement released by the Tata Steel, it stated that the company’s vision is to be a world-class equal opportunity employer where everyone Is respected and every voice is heard.


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