Street performances were the major entertainment before Television and Technology took up. The Pondy Bazaar in T.Nagar which had a recent make over to look like the London shopping street, will be looking at street performances very often.
Street Performance in Chennai
As there is no season for music and art to be celebrated, these streets will be soon filled up by new bands and youngsters who will be interested to show cast their talents. The Tamil Nadu government has said that the corporation will soon set up a small stage and a lot a place for the performers to perform their shows.
Street Show in Pondy Bazaar
Chennai, which has been accepting the culture of the west, will soon adapt to these street performances. But something that we need to know is that though this is a western culture, India is not at all new for street performances. There were street performances in Tamil Nadu called as Theru Koothu much before the movies even came into the picture.
Chennai's London Street


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