GOL Summit – Largest LGBTQ+ Filmmaking Conference in Asia

Saradha Natarajan

Taiwan has launched the region’s largest LGBTQ+ conference. Experts from different areas of direction participate in the GOL summit. The summit is a one-day conference held to have the main stream feature film to cover the LGBTQ+. Taiwan has made a name as regional hub for LGBTQ+ cinema to be shot, directed and produced.
The summit conference happened in less than a month after 2,00,000 marchers came in support of the pride parade in Taipei. President of Taiwan’s Public Television Service, Tsao Wen-chieh spoke about how strategic partnership with global players will rejuvenate local content following which a discussion was held between the regional directors. The discussion involved the position of LGBTQ+ in cinema and how Asia is receptive.
GOL summit
The GOL summit focused on the present and future of portraying LGBTQ+ in the movies and how everyone can shift the view from niche to mainstream. The GOL Summit was supported by the Taipei Film Commission, Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture, and the newly-established Taiwan Creative Content Agency.


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