Grace & Frankie show that is now airing on Netflix did not have much viewership until Season 2 picked up on the enduring Queer relationship. Grace and Frankie hate each other as they are forced to live together after their husbands come out as Gay and get married.
Grace and Frankie do not get along well but end up living together for 5 years. Grace and Frankie – the two women in the 70’s manage to grow a bond after the husbands leave them. Though Grace and Frankie have the female characters in the lead, critics against the show state that it failed to show the queerness. The relation between the two men reportedly was not as romantic but instead portrayed them as friends. The show lacked interest as it did not reveal much of the Queer relationship.
Grace and Frankie
At the beginning of Season 5 Grace openly asked Frankie if she would have sex with her. When the duo flirts, Grace accepts that she is a bisexual. But it was disappointment again for the fans when Grace marries her boyfriend at the end of Season 5.
The show Grace and Frankie is all about how life kicks in and settles for the two old women. The show instead of showing the sad life of the 2 old gay men and 2 old Queer women, depicts how the lead role females start over a business idea in their 80s which turn out to be a huge out.
Grace and Frankie
Focussing on the Queer relationship, Grace and Frankie redefines what it is meant to be old and Gay. You would never know what one feels when they are forced throughout their life to be with one person when they have not even explored their options.


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