Homosexual and Bisexual relationships have existed in between Hindu gods. The sexual relationship between the gods were considered ritualistic and not as a sexual pleasure. The Agni – the fire god was married to both goddess Svaha and male moon god Soma. Hinduism emphasises that Agni represents a feminine role.


Agni has same-sex sexual encounters that involves accepting semen from other gods. Accordingly, in the text of Kathasaritsagara of 11th century, it is mentioned that Shiva forced Agni to receive his semen. The semen causes a burning sensation so it was dropped into the river Ganges; and Kartikeya was born for Shiva.


Mitra and Varuna, the sons of Aditi are also often mentioned for Homosexual relationship in ancient times. Mitra is a symbolization of same-sex relationship. They were the icons of brotherly affection and intimate friendship between men. Mitra and Varuna also had children through surrogacy.


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