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Jesus as gay

Netflix show portrays Jesus as gay

Netflix show – 'The First Temptation of Christ' depicts Jesus as a gay. The show was created by Brazilian YouTube comedy group Porta dos...

Samavan who became the wife for his male friend

A Queen’s real devotion made a man turn into a female and stay as a wife for his friend. Samavan and Sumedhas were very poor...

The Wife who turned into a man for her husband

King Shikidvaja of Malva left the kingdom to live his life like a hermit in search of wisdom. He was married to Chudala, a...

Arjuna or Arjuni – the beloved friend of Krishna

In Indian Mythology, most of the Queer stories were very much evident in Mahabharatha. Not just Shikhandi, but there are episodes where Arjuna also...

Shiva, the Nataraja transforms into Gopeshwar

Krishna’s Rassleela, which according to the Hindu Vedas and Upanishads mentioned as ‘beauty of an eternal love’ was happening in Vrindavan after millions of...

Homosexuality under Manusmriti

Homosexuality in India is perceived to be against culture and religious ethics. But in the ancient times the dharmas we followed says that homosexuality...

Sexuality as an obstacle

Though Homosexuality was practiced and partially accepted in Hindu religion, Buddhism and Jainism where sexual desire is considered as an obstacle, homosexuality or heterosexuality...

Gender swapping of Budh & Ila

Budh is a prototype of gender roles. In Hindu Astrology, Budh is the planet Mercury. Briahspati cursed his wife Tara when she was pregnant...

Shikhandi, the Queer in Mahabharata

Shikhandi was born to King Drupada in the kingdom of Panchala. She was born as a girl but was raised as a boy. All...

Agni – Homosexual and Bisexual

Homosexual and Bisexual relationships have existed in between Hindu gods. The sexual relationship between the gods were considered ritualistic and not as a sexual...
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