Will same-sex marriage in country increase the economy?

Saradha Natarajan

Weddings are a big business. Let it be India or any other country, weddings are a big deal. Weddings might seem a personal expense of two households but we should also understand that is a multi-tiered industry. Starting from venues, decorations, varied vendors and logistics, it increases the income for all kinds of businesses.

same sex marriage

A study was released by Williams Institute stating that same-sex couple wedding will increase the economy. The study even said that United States will have an estimated of $3.8 billion economy since the marriage equality bill has been passed across the country.

same sex marriage

But with the current global pandemic, the wedding industry is one of the many that has been affected and changed a lot. But still it does not stop from weddings taking place on the side walk or drive in theatres. Here is the list of same-sex weddings that happened during the time of lockdown!
  1. Lesbian Cowboy themed Wedding on the Drive-In movie theatre
  2. Wedding at the time of Social Distancing
  3. First Lesbian Marriage in Costa Rica after same-sex marriage made legal
  4. Gay porn stars get hitched during Quarantine
Recently, Taiwan celebrated a one-year anniversary after legalizing same-sex marriage. Costa Rica just implemented the laws earlier this week. Reports state that the advocacy group Open for Business says that Costa Rica could see an economic increase of up to $592 million as a result of the change. The island is also the first nation in Central America to recognize marriage equality.

same sex marriae

Weddings have always been an important family event. Culture and tradition play an important role in weddings. It is important to have a big wedding for a few families as it shows that all their friends and family accept the new member.
Accordingly, US legalized same-sex marriage in all 50 states 4 years ago. Since then, same-sex marriage rates have been increased by 10.2% every year. Till now 24 countries have legalized same sex marriage according to the World Population Review. Researchers have found that from granting same-sex couple the same rights, respect, recognition and benefits as heterosexual couples, legalising same-sex marriage has economic benefits in both the short and long term.

Costa Rica wedding


The study estimated that in 2015 when US legalized homosexual marriage that 1,23,000 same-sex couples married in that year and that boosted state and local economies by an estimated $1.58billion, generating an estimated $102million in tax revenue and supporting up to 18,900 jobs in the year.


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