Thailand makes history by legalizing same-sex partnership

Saradha Natarajan

ThailandThailand has made history by being the first South Asian country to legalise same-sex relationship and give recognition to same-sex couples.
The draft bill does not mention the term marriage but states that same-sex couples have the right to jointly own property, adopt children and pass on inheritance.Thailand government’s spokesperson said that, “It is a milestone for Thai society in promoting equality among people of all genders and strengthens the families of people with sexual diversity.”


The bill states that the same-sex couples should be 17-years-old and at least one of them should be a Thai citizen to register as civil partners. Those under the age of 17 will need to get permission from their parents or legal guardian. Though the bill is a step forward for the LGBT community, it is being criticized as the draft does not mention marriage and states ‘same-sex civil partnership.’
The LGBT activists in Thailand stated that this civil partnership bill isn’t a milestone for gender equality in Thailand, instead it’s an obstacle to reach marriage for all. They consider the bill to be a form of discrimination in disguise.


Pauline Ngarmpring, a transgender, who ran for prime minister last year, said, “The foundation of the same-sex union law draft isn’t based on equality. But it’s better than nothing. This is not a fight that can be finished in our generation. Why not just call everyone, both traditional and non-traditional couples, as married partners, why does a special term have to be assigned to LGBT as ‘civil partner’. We don’t want anything special we just want to be treated like others.”

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