Marti Cummings is an activist and Drag Queen performer in New York. Cummings will be representing from the Manhattan District 7 for the New York City Council in 2021. Cummings said that she will be really happy if she won the elections and that she was feeling scared, nervous, excited about running for the Mayor.
Marti Cummings
Marti Cummings
Cummings is currently a part of the mayor’s nightlife council. It is not news in US for drag queens to take part in politics. The first drag queen ran for public office in 1961. Following Jose Sarria in 1961, Maaebe A. Girl is currently on the Silver Lake Neighbourhood council.
In an interview, Cummings stated that after the presidential election 2016, Donald Trump’s win, stressed her on her voice being heard. When she was questioned about involving into activism as a drag performer, she mentioned that ‘Drag’ itself is an act of political resistance and she saw an opportunity there to do more than just entertaining. She said it was her obligation to use drag identity to speak about issues faced by LGBTQ+.

Drag Queen

Marti Cummings said that the hate crimes against trans women are increasing and she wants a shelter built for the LGBTQ+ exclusively as they will be in potential danger in a common shelter and they will not be treated properly by others. Cummings said that it was important for her to run for the elections as her representation matters. She cited that when she was growing up, she did not see the LGBTQ+ representation in the politics; and it would be a way of support to the younger generation and that her opportunity might inspire others from the Queer community to run for elections.


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