Does the size of your penis matter for sex? Are you the one who compares it to a carrot or cucumber?


Ever heard of – “Asian men are small; Americans have bigger and the African origin men have the biggest.” (There is no intention of racism here) Do you also believe in all these myths? The Goldilocks theory of race, says that the African men have the smallest brains and largest penises whereas Asian men are opposite with small penises and huge brains. But there is no proof as to that the combination of high intelligence is a reason to genital endowment.


Penis size varies in range from person to person. The size depends on the weather, individual’s mental thoughts, what they eat, Smoking and a lot more. Most men dream of a big penis but that’s so not what women want. Men worry that if their penis is small, it would not satisfy the lover, be it a man or woman.
Most civilizations in the past have associated the penis size with masculinity as it symbolizes fertility. A man with small penis most probably will ridicule himself for being ‘inadequate.’ But your penis has nothing to do with your ability or courage and even masculinity for that matter.
Believing that a huge penis is necessary for sex, some men go to an extreme level of trying to increase their size. Indians have even believed ‘sex gurus’ who had instructed to hang weights on the penis at an early age. People in Brazil encouraged poisonous snake bites to enlarge one’s penis.
Measure Penis
Measuring your penis
Boys fantasize about their penis at teenage. While growing up, they might compare their penis size mentally with their friends or that of the men on porn movies. Most of them land at the wrong perspective that their penis is short and small than that of the porn star.
At one point, the boys even use a ruler and tape to measure how long their penis is. But to look at your penis as others, the right way is to observe it from above. A precise measurement is to be done when you have an erection. Measure the penis on the top side from the base to the tip.
Measure Tape
Average penis size
The penis size varies anywhere in between 3.75 inches (9 cm) to 4.5 inches (11cm) long when not erect. And when the penis is erect it could measure anywhere in between 5 inches (13 cm) to 7 inches (18 cm). There is no average length of penis as it differs from person to person depending on their habitats. Not just the size but there are variations in the angle of an erect penis. For few it might point up straight, some slightly bent to left or right. There is no right shape and size.
Why are men obsessed with their Penis size? Make peace with your penis! Penis size has nothing to do much with sex.



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