Well, everything in this world needs a validation to prove that it really does exist. How can you prove gender?
The way we view at sexuality is really limited because of its popularity. Gay, Bisexual, Straight are comparatively the terms that are prominent in use. But how many of do know and understand the differences in sexuality.
Purple red scale
Purple – Red scale of sexuality
Landon Parks created a scale that is illustrated as a sexuality chart in 2015; namely the Purple – Red scale of attraction. This was an alternative to the Kinsey’s scale which was developed in 1948. Kinsey’s scale was used to identify level of attraction to the same sex or opposite sex but Landon’s scale was all about how people feel about sex.
You can use the Purple – Red scale to measure the level of attraction towards anyone. To determine one’s level of attraction of sexual relationship, to represent the interest level, one will fall under the letters A – F along with numbers 0 – 6.

Langdon's scale

Langdon’s scale is not much different from Kinsley’s scale. Kinsley’s scale was organised as number 0 to 6. 0 identifying exclusively heterosexual and 6 identifying as purely homosexual. Langdon’s scale used the colours of purple and red through gradients. Purple as the official colour of asexuality and Red as the colour of hypersexuality.

Kinsey scale

For example, A being the representation for Aromantic and Asexual whereas F represents the hyper sexual. Why don’t use the scale here to see where you fall on the sexuality scale?
Langdon created the Purple – Red scale out of his own experience. He described himself as a heteroromantic asexual. Langdon said that the scale will be a useful tool for the people to identify themselves when they want a date. He said that as many might fall under the same category but how one will pursue the relationship would be different and that is why the scale would help them to avoid confusion on their sexuality.
One can use Langdon’s scale not only to identify their sexuality for Tinder dates but also discuss it along with their partner so there will be a clear understanding where they fall on the sexuality scale to avoid misunderstandings of their sexual relationship.
There were a lot of criticism against Langdon’s scale of sexuality that it was not necessary for some one to fall on the letter or the number present on the scale. There were also praises that it helps people to range their sexuality.
Since the discovery of the Purple – Red scale, there has been many developments and different variations and gender. Even though one might not fall exactly into the square placed but will understand and identify their sexuality.


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