There are a list of movies and series that focuses on LGBTQ+ character and sexuality. But the major producer of movies for kids, The Walt Disney Company has not given any Queer characters yet.
Frozen & Frozen II have been a success for the Disney over the past few years. There was a speculation if the sequel, Frozen III will reveal Elsa – the ice queen’s sexuality? But Disney had not given any official statement regarding this as Frozen is an animated movie for kids and speaking on sexuality could be a little over the top!


But, the Kate McKinnon’s version of Elsa came out as Gay. The famous weekend show – Saturday Night Live Sketch show on Frozen portrayed a Gay Elsa. Surprising the audience, Kate McKinnon did a gig as ‘deleted scene from Frozen II.’ The scene portrayed Elsa – The Queen of Arendele coming out as gay!


Many interpreted that Elsa’s journey of self-acceptance through the queer lens and also wish to label the ‘Let it Go’ song as coming-out anthem.
“Elsa lost in the forest calls for Anna, Kristoff and Olaf. Then, when she finds Anna, Elsa tells Anna that she does not know whether to head north, south, gay or west. Anna asks her if she just said Gay? To which Elsa replies, “No, you have a fulfilling heterosexual marriage by the age of 18 and I’ve just spent two whole movies playing with snow, both are equal and good.”  Anna then breaks into the song ‘Let it Go’ with the lyrics ‘We all know’.”


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