Sunday, May 19, 2024
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Pixar’s Out is all about love and acceptance of gay man

Pixar released the new animated short film ‘Out’ today. It is available on Disney Plus streaming service. Out is the first animation movie that...
Duck Tales

Disney’s Duck Tales introduced Gay dads

Disney's animated series Duck Tales in its third season premiere revealed that the main character's friend has Dewey and Lewey as fathers. Heuy - the...
Walt Disney

Disney promised to increase LGBTQ characters and stories

Disney CEO Bob Chapek when intervened by LGBTQ+ activist said that the company will focus on increasing LGBTQ characters and stories. Chapek said that Disney...

Will Disney give us a Gay Elsa from Frozen?

There are a list of movies and series that focuses on LGBTQ+ character and sexuality. But the major producer of movies for kids, The...