The global pandemic has too many ground rules set all around the world to contain the infection and not affect many. But the new coronavirus guidelines in UK has made it illegal to have sex with another person who does not live in your household.
The new rules in UK, has banned people from socializing in their indoors if they do not stay with you. The rule released in UK read, “No person may participate in a gathering which takes place in a public or private place indoors, and consists of two or more persons.” If anyone breaches the law, they could be prosecuted under the new amendment to the Health Protection Regulations 2020 bill.
The new regulation has stated that the ones with reasonable excuses and in need to provide essentials alone will be allowed to meet privately indoors, meaning that meeting up to have sex is not allowed according to this new rule. Unless you live with your sexual partner, you will be breaking the law if you go to another person’s house for sex. This new regulation has tightened the grip for individuals with physical needs. The media in England has dubbed this news as ‘sex ban’.
Though it not literally a sex ban imposed by the government it is not possible for the people who are dating or for the people who are single and for the people who are living away from their partners. Hatred against this new regulation is rising up all over internet from the people living in UK.
A question arises as to why does sexual intercourse fall under the categories “social interaction” or “any other activity” when it should be something that is considered important for a person’s physical and mental health?
With the comments on internet we could easily say that this is not a move that is accepted by the citizens of UK. An UK resident tweeted, “Will the cops now be setting up stings on Tinder now? How can sex with a person from another household be made illegal?” This move will have a drastic impact on the people who are dating and who are single. Casual sex is a culture that’s been in picture with a lot of people as they know that they do not want sexual need to take control over them; but has the government turned a blind eye to people’s personal choices made?
This new regulation will hit hard on the LGBTQ+ community. Though UK is one of the largest countries that provides the highest degree of liberty to the LGBT community, in this case it has failed to take them into account and what it might bring them to. This new rule in UK has turned a blind eye towards Queer sex which has the country’s LGBTQ community dejected.


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