Vogue features Transgender model on Cover page

Saradha Natarajan

Vogue, which is the biggest fashion magazine in the west had the photo published of Estrella Vasquez on their Britain publication the last month. Vasquez is a Transgender. This is the first time in 120 years that Vogue has featured a Muxe.
Transgender community from the Mexico are known as the Muxe. In Mexico, Muxe is identified as a community itself. Back in time, Muxe were respected as the community to provide blessings. Muxe are much like the Hijras of India. Vasquez said that too many people have congratulated for appearing on the vogue cover and she feels really happy about being the first muxe to have been featured by Vogue.
Estrella Vasquez who is a designer and weaver said that the LBTQ people continue to face problems in many parts of Mexico but there have been advances in the trans right in the last few years in the country.
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