Moffie – a movie about gay men in military

Saradha Natarajan

The movie Moffie was initially set to release in April 2020 worldwide, but due to the current pandemic, it was released on 24 April on Curzon Home Cinema.The movie stars Kai Luke Brummer and Ryan De Villiers.



The story is about the gay men in military at the time of white minority government in South Africa. The movie is an adaptation of an autobiographical novel. The film portrays the country’s law against homosexuals and their staunch views against gay men. As one of the lead roles reveals his queer identity with his fellow soldiers, he worries about the outcome and the danger for developing intimate relations between his colleague.


Moffie was earlier premiered at the Venice International Film Festival in 2019 at South Africa. Moffie – the title translates to the derogatory gay slur meaning faggot.
Moffie has received widespread acclaims for its portrayal and the movie is even known as a ‘masterpiece.’  Moffie was praised for its direction by Oliver Hermanus as he was able to grab the attention of the South African National Defence Force in a critiquing way by displaying the emotional and physical toxic regime that was there and followed.


The movie critics said that Moffie was such a thoughtful and empathetic movie as it powerfully explored homophobia as a part of the mentality in South Africa’s white patriarchal society.


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