India has 3 Transgender Judges now

Saradha Natarajan

In 2014, after the apex court announced that transgenders will be considered as third genders and will be allowed admissions in universities and employment, a few have used the opportunity.
In a society where transgenders get discriminated, these 3 transwomen have overcome every difficulty in their life and became a part of the Judicial system.
Joyita Mondal, Vidya Kamble and Swati B Baruah are the 3 Trans judge of India.
Joyita Mondal is the first transwoman in India to become a judge. Joyita dropped out of school after class 10 and then went on to work with the transgender community. She faced a lot of discrimination because of her gender identity. She completed her graduation in law in correspondence and in 2017, she became the first transgender judge in Lok Adalat.
Joyita Mondal
Joyita Mondal
Vidya Kamble hails from Nagpur and she became the first transwoman judge in Maharashtra. She was appointed as Lok Adalat judge. Vidya Kamble was forced to leave her house at the age of 17 due to her sexual preference and found the support of Sarthi trust.
Vidya Kamble
Vidya Kamble
Swati Bidhan Baruah became Assam’s first transgender judge. Baruah is also a trans activist. Baruah while talking to the media said that there is a lot of discrimination prevailing in society and these steps will prove that transgenders are also a part of the society and this will be a landmark for people to accept the community.
Swati Baruah
Swati B Baruah


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