Queer Artists Ruklashra and Raano have recently become the talk of town after they posted a video on Instagram. Their music videos have been shared and viewed on the social media platforms more than 30,000 times. Raano and Ruklashra are lovers. Aahana identifies herself as Raano and Rituraj Shukla identifies as Ritu (a) Ruklashra is a trans masculine. Ritu prefers his gender pronoun to be as him/they.

Raano and Ritu’s love story: Raano is from Kolkata and Ritu is from Mumbai. Raano posted a cover video of her singing on Facebook in order to search for an opportunity to sing. Ritu met Raano through the social media platform. The duo gradually spoke to each other and found that they had mutual interests. Ritu confessed his liking to Raano and she also realized that she was interested in him. It did not take too much time for them to fall in love.

The couple was in a long-distance relationship until 2019. Ritu left Mumbai and came to settle down with Raano in Kolkata. Raano said that she and Ritu would often be singing on the phone together. She said, “Our love for music, and singing pushed me to sing more and more. Later, we started singing together when we started living together, it was a casual video that we put on internet one day, and people instantly received us lovingly.”

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My girl. My favourite girl.

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The couple stated that being openly Queer is not a piece of cake as they receive a lot of hate. They said that they sing as openly queer people in order to encourage other queers to live and love their life with courage and confidence.


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