The Corona virus pandemic is coming down so hard and self-isolation is making everyone go crazy. If you are not using the self-isolation time to realize who you are and embrace yourself with online dating, there are chances that you might feel lonely. With Social distancing, you may  think that it is the end of online dating without being  able to meet in person. But you now have the opportunity to filter out your best match by talking to them for a longer time before meeting them.


Before it was ‘Netflix and chill’ now you it is ‘Quarantine and chill’.

Dating apps have gone one step ahead to advertise themselves as ‘COVID free dating’ and also asks people to ‘become a quarantine partner.’ When the primary focus of the dating Apps is to connect unknown people, with the virus outbreak it is much like, swipe right now and meet much later.


Dating apps are trying new methods to keep their users engaged with inbuilt video call options and romantic coffee dates by playing online video games. Imagine, if there was an app built to create a virtual character of you on the game and it can go on dates with your matches?  After all, Social distancing will allow you to have longer conversations that will help in meaningful relationship.


See, what people say on these dating sites at the time of corona outbreak:
  • Can I take you out before the Corona does?Dating
  • I just asked someone how they are doing during the pandemic instead of asking their real name.
  • Dating during Corona Outbreak be like
  • What did you do during the quarantine is going to be my dating question!
  • ‘So all hands on the deck where I can see’ is the online dating app created during corona will be named as.
  • Dating before corona: Let us meet somewhere with a lot of people just to be safe. Dating during Corona: Let us have a coffee date from our room!



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