It is not new to use the phrase ‘this is so gay.’ Well, the word Gay, when coined according to the urban English dictionary means ‘happy and cheerful.’ But, over the time period the word Gay adapted itself to represent Homosexuality.
There is a difference among people in the usage of the word Gay. It could refer to happiness, crazy and gloomy or it could refer Homosexuality or it could refer to informal and fancy. In a fashion sense, Gay refers to funky and colourful clothes. Also, Gay could mean revolution.
Are you Gay because of Trend? Then everybody is! Gay is not just a word that is referred to one’s sexuality. Gay is an expression. You are Gay if you are thinking out of the box to dress, talk, eat or anything that involves your lifestyle!
Here is a short story, A man who picks a salmon coloured or pink shirt hears, ‘ughh, you are so gay!’. A woman picking up a Grey shirt hears, ‘Are you a boy?’ Now, when did the colours you choose to wear start defining your sexuality? Are these judgements going to stop without understanding the person? Or is it the hype on Social Media that makes you want to try what being Gay is?
Well, here is something Gay then, none of these judgements or trends will make you Gay but it is one’s decision to be who they are or want to be. Every one is Gay it is just that they are Gay in their own way and style.


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