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Walt Disney

Disney promised to increase LGBTQ characters and stories

Disney CEO Bob Chapek when intervened by LGBTQ+ activist said that the company will focus on increasing LGBTQ characters and stories. Chapek said that Disney...

Marvel’s superhero Gay couple is here!

Marvel will have its first gay superhero in the upcoming movie ‘The Eternals.’ It is an upcoming Marvel superhero film based on the Comics Eternal. Actor Brian...

Are we getting a Bisexual Spiderman?

Actor Tom Holland who plays the role of Spiderman as Peter Parker in an interview said that he would like to see a gay...

Marvel artists calls for LGBTQ solidarity

Rio de Janeiro Mayor, Marcelo Crivella ordered the Brazilian book fair Bienal do Livro to wrap all the copies of ‘Avengers: The Children’s Crusade’...