Jaison Paul along with his friends from Kerala have been serving nearly 200 homeless and the needy for the last 2 years. Inspired by Mother Teressa, Paul along with his team focusses on delivering hygienic, quality meals to the underprivileged in Vadookara in Thrissur district.
Abandoned Bus Shelter in Kerala feeds 200 people
Jaison Paul, who is a fruit seller, saves a portion of his income and feeds the under privileged daily, apart from Sundays. He along with his group started the Mother Janaseva Charitable Trust and the trust receives donation in form of money, rice and cereals. Paul says that the monthly expenditure comes up to an amount of Rs. 11,000.
A basic setup has also been made in the shelter with a set of 2 tables and 12 chairs. The team serves 150 – 200 people for lunch over from noon to 2:00 p.m. Paul and his team also make arrangements to pick up the left-over food from the weddings and which could feed a several others. Jaison Paul is helped by his wife Binu Mariya, Sreejith—an auto driver, Shine James—an ex-bus driver, Ismail and 3 more other volunteers.
Mother Janaseva Charitable Trust, Kerala


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