Swiss Wrestler makes history by coming out as Gay!

Saradha Natarajan

Swiss Wrestler Curdin Orlik made history by coming out as the first openly gay athlete in Switzerland. Swiss Wrestling is a unique form of wrestling played only in Switzerland. The Swiss wrestling also known as Schwingen is a native style of wrestling in Switzerland. Schwingen is considered as a national sport of Switzerland.
Orlik revealed in an interview with a magazine that he was gay. He stated that he was feeling better after he came out as Gay. Orlik always lived with a fear, but after coming out of the closet, he said that he could now live his life free without fear. Orlik, from a young age thought being Gay was wrong and hid his feelings.

Curdin Orlik

Orlik mentioned that he was abused in the gay community when he did not want to come out of the closet and that made him have negative experiences when he tried to date men through dating apps. After facing negative comments, Orlik married a woman and also had a son with her. But realizing that he will be soon coming out as Gay, the couple separated on good terms.
Orlik’s revelation about his sexuality has been greeted positively. The athlete shared on the social media that he was overwhelmed by the positive response and support he is receiving.


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