Saturday, December 3, 2022

Ola and Uber have Trans woman drivers

With the mobile apps taking over the process of booking cabs for transportation, though the drivers are registered with the company, it has been...

Hospital in Odisha appoints 5 Transgender security guards

The Malkangiri District Headquarters Hospital in Orissa appointed 5 transgender individuals as security guards. Durga, Sonali, Tushar, Kailash and Hial work as security guards...

The first Transgender in Lok Adalat panel – Salma Khan

In India, not all transgenders are given the opportunity for education and employment. Many end up working as sex workers or begging on the...

Indian Trans woman won Miss World Diversity 2018

Aizya Naaz Joshi is the first transsexual woman to win the Miss World Diversity. Born as a male, Joshi always fancied wearing skirts and...

What? There is a Transgender music band in India?

The music band named ‘6 packs’ is a transgender music band that started in 2016. The band has 6 transgenders from the Hijra community....

India has 3 Transgender Judges now

In 2014, after the apex court announced that transgenders will be considered as third genders and will be allowed admissions in universities and employment,...

India got its first transgender lawyer

Formally known as Udhaykumar, now Sathyasri Sharmila, is India’s first transgender lawyer. Sathyasri Sharmila hails from Ramanathapuram district in Tamil Nadu. When she was...

Vogue features Transgender model on Cover page

Vogue, which is the biggest fashion magazine in the west had the photo published of Estrella Vasquez on their Britain publication the last month....
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