Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Swiss Wrestler makes history by coming out as Gay!

Curdin Orlik
Swiss Wrestler Curdin Orlik made history by coming out as the first openly gay athlete in Switzerland. Swiss Wrestling is a unique form of...

Netflix show portrays Jesus as gay

Jesus as gay
Netflix show – 'The First Temptation of Christ' depicts Jesus as a gay. The show was created by Brazilian YouTube comedy group Porta dos...

McKellen regrets not coming out to his parents

Ian McKellen
Ian McKellen, an English actor who is known for his theatre performances of Shakespearen and modern plays, made his sexual orientation known to his...

A Sikh Gay in UK

Gay in UK
If we believe that living in UK as a Queer will have more acceptance than in India, we are proved wrong. Here is the story...

Actor comes out as Gay on his 100th birthday!

Witold Sadowy
The Polish theatre actor and Journalist came out as Gay in an interview to mark his milestone 100th birthday. Witold Sadowy believed that it...

Anderson Cooper now a proud father of baby boy

Anderson Cooper
American Broadcast Journalist Anderson Cooper announced that he is now a proud father of a new born baby. On his Instagram post Anderson stated,...

Grace & Frankie – Queer rivals

Grace & Frankie show that is now airing on Netflix did not have much viewership until Season 2 picked up on the enduring Queer...

Benjamin Fredell came out publicly as Gay

Hockey Player Benjamin Fredell came out as Gay amidst the rampant Homophobia in sports. Benjamin on the Outsports wrote that prevailing homophobia in sports...

Poland airs its first Gay Commercial

It is the first time in history that Poland have made their first gay television commercial. The advertisement of Durex shows three couples, two...

India could soon legalise same-sex marriage

We all know that India decriminalized Article 377 in 2018. Menaka Guruswamy and Arundhati Katju are among the few lawyers who fought to legalise...
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