Friday, January 21, 2022

Poland airs its first Gay Commercial

It is the first time in history that Poland have made their first gay television commercial. The advertisement of Durex shows three couples, two...

The 1st Queer candidate to contest JNU elections

Gourab Ghosh is the first Queer candidate to take part in JNU elections. Ghosh was pursuing his Master’s degree in English in the University...

Thailand makes history by legalizing same-sex partnership

Thailand has made history by being the first South Asian country to legalise same-sex relationship and give recognition to same-sex couples. The draft bill does...

India could soon legalise same-sex marriage

We all know that India decriminalized Article 377 in 2018. Menaka Guruswamy and Arundhati Katju are among the few lawyers who fought to legalise...

Indians coming out as Gay

Gay Stories
Disclaimer: Names changed for security reasons. Vijay: I was very open with my parents and never hid anything from them. I came out to them...

Same Sex Marriage legalised in Costa Rica – Finally!

Costa Rica has finally legalised same sex marriage. The first ever same sex marriage registration will be processed at the end of this month...

Have you ever heard people say ‘Lesbians and Gays are not...

There has been gender discrimination and inequality over the years based on culture or the law itself. Being considered as the minority of the...

Watch: Mr. and Mr. Iyer – A state of mind

Mr. & Mr. Iyer is an English-Tamil short film shot in 2015. Produced by Bench culture the short film is about a traditional Brahmin...

Being Gay in Indian Military

This is the story of an ex-army officer who openly came out as Gay through his blog. It was originally published in NDTV. Retd. Major...

4 Queer Influencers you should be following

4 Queer Influencers you should be following Queerness is more than just rainbow colors and a flag. It’s an emotion. IT’S A LIFESTYLE. From raising...
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