Friday, July 1, 2022
Modern Family

Mitch and Cam might get their own sequel!

The Long running sitcom series Modern Family ended earlier this week. The series featured Mitchell and Cameron - a gay couple as a lead...
Playing Cricket

Watch: Boy bats wearing diapers, Kohli asks where he is?

Former England Captain Kevin Pieterson shared a video of a toddler wearing diapers playing cricket. He captioned, “WHAT?! Get him in your squad, @virat.kohli!...
Penis size

What is the correct penis size?

Does the size of your penis matter for sex? Are you the one who compares it to a carrot or cucumber? Ever heard of –...

Will Disney give us a Gay Elsa from Frozen?

There are a list of movies and series that focuses on LGBTQ+ character and sexuality. But the major producer of movies for kids, The...
see you soon

See You Soon – An Intimate Queer Romance

See You Soon is a romantic queer movie about long-distance relationship. Written and directed by Tyler Rabinowitz, the movie released on July 27th 2020....

Same-sex kiss scene removed from pilot episode

Roswell, New Mexico is an American drama series that began airing last year. The series is known for its LGBTQ+ representation. The series focused...

No sex with people outside your household!

The global pandemic has too many ground rules set all around the world to contain the infection and not affect many. But the new...
Boob mask

Like face mask now we have boob mask!

It is too common to hear the phrase 'calm your tits'. Well you can now do it in real life. The 'Calm your tits'...
Alicia Souza

Alicia Souza – does this name ring a bell?

Bengaluru based artist and illustrator Alicia Souza is well known for the quirky designs on mugs, cups, t-shirts and calendar. Alicia now has a...

Forbidden Destinations that you cannot visit

Travel and Tourism plays a very important role in country’s economic growth and development. Starting from travel for leisure, we now have travel for...
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