Loev – not only an Indian gay film but also a love story

Saradha Natarajan

Loev is an Indian romantic gay drama film released in 2015. It was directed by Sudhanshu Saria and the lead role was played by Shiv Pandit, Dhruv Ganesh and Siddharth Menon.
Loev was the movie that removed the barriers of how gay romance can be shown on air. It is one such movie that screams out loud, “Hey guys, it does not matter if the lovers are both of the same sex. What matters is the love and not gender.”
Loev is a movie that is about heartbreaks and also it is the movie that describes same-sex love story and homosexuality without any back stories.  As the title of the movie suggests – Love as jumbled, the story explores the different gaze of sexuality and companionship. Loev is one of a kind movie that is against all odds of a love story.


Loev is a movie about two childhood friends. One is a musician (Sahil) and the other is a successful business man (Jai). The two friends decide to go on a weekend trip to Goa. The duo drives to Mahabaleshwar where they argue about their past failure of maintaining their relationship. While hanging by the side of the cliff with a scenic view they kiss and later admit their mutual attraction. When the Sahil expresses a romantic gesture to Jai in front of everyone present at the hotel it leads to a confrontation of not reciprocating affection to the other and they end up making love. The duo when decided to leave back to their original life and not talk about the intimate relation they had and they reconcile stating that they can not be together. Sahil then leaves a message to Jai stating that he loves Jai and that he knows Jai cannot reciprocate it yet as he has not come out of the closet.
Loev had its world premiere at the 2015 Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival in Estonia. It had its North American premiere at the 2016 South By Southwest Film Festival and premiered in India at the 2016 Mumbai International Film Festival, and was well received by the critics and audience alike. It is now streaming on Netflix. The film won the Audience Award for Best Feature Film at the 2016 Tel Aviv International Film Festival.


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