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Recreating Raja Ravi Varma’s paintings

NAAM – a charitable trust for the women development founded by Suhasini Maniratnam stepped into its 10th year.  The NAAM trust has released a...

Not Just Heroes, Villains Too can be Queer

The animated series of Harley Quinn, 'Riddle U' recently featured a LGBTQ villain. Clayface of Batman's rogue gallery was portrayed as the Queer character. The...

The Penis Park

The Haesindang park located in the east coast of South Korea is also known as Penis park. The park has numerous exhibits of male...


Size, Colour and Shapes of Vagina

Many worry that their genitalia are not normal, but what is normal for one cannot be normal for the other. What matters is that...

The Birth of Hijras in India

Lord Vishnu forming the hermaphrodite Lakshmi Narayana takes the form of Mohini and trick the demons. Lord Shiva not knowing that it was Vishnu...

‘A New York Love story’ of Indian and Pakistani Lesbian couple

Anjali Chakra from India and Sundas Malik from Pakistan proved that love and feelings have no boundaries. The same sex couple in a photo...

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