Sunday, June 26, 2022

India’s first Lesbian ad – The Visit

The Visit was the first Indian Lesbian Advertisement that aired in 2015. It was an online visual advertisement for the brand Anouk – ethnic...

Homosexual Wedding – not a stain now

Homosexual wedding in India was a taboo, but it has become the new normal now, though it does not have a legal status. Froza Saluja...
Rain on Me

Is Rain on Me a Gay Anthem?

“Rain on Me” is a song released by the American singers Lady Gaga and Ariana Gande on 22nd May 2020. This is the second...

Gender swapping of Budh & Ila

Budh is a prototype of gender roles. In Hindu Astrology, Budh is the planet Mercury. Briahspati cursed his wife Tara when she was pregnant...

The Next Step – featured a same-sex kiss scene

More than 100 complaints were raised against BBC for portraying a same-sex kiss scene in ‘The Next Step’, a teen drama. The Next Step is...

Fire – The lesbian love story between 2 wives in 1998

  Deepa Mehta's "Fire'' was the first Indian film about lesbianism. The movie was released in 1998. Fire - the films filled with love, desire and strong...

Coming out as Demisexual in India

This is the story of an Indian girl who came out as Demisexual to her family.  Disclaimer: Name changed for privacy concerns.  When Simran came out...

New web-series on Lesbian Relationship

Pakistan is no less to India when it comes to culture and tradition. It is the first time on Pakistan a Lesbian relationship is...

Gay & Lesbian Marriage Bureau in India

Almost, 42 Gay-Lesbian weddings have taken place across the country through the Arranged Gay Marriage Bureau. Arranged Gay Marriage Bureau operates from Hyderabad and...

King Bhagiratha, born to two mothers

King Bhagiratha who is referred to be the responsible for bringing down the Earth from Heaven was born to two women. King Dilipa had...
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